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            ● 3” longer, 2” wider than any scooter in its class, more foot room!
            ● 300 lbs. weight capacity.
            ● Battery charger port conveniently located under the tiller.
            ● Easy, wireless, feather touch disassembly.
            ● Plush black vinyl 17"x16" seat standard.
            ● 4.2 mph maximum speed.
            ● 7.5/12 miles operating range.
            ● 45 Amp controller standard.
            ● Automobile grade carpeting.
            ● Black, non-scuffing tires with shiny silver rims.
            ● 12AH battery pack standard, 18AH optional.


            Model QS0832
            Weight Capacity 300 lbs
            Drive Wheels Rear
            Maximum Speed 4.2 mph
            Operating Range 7.5/12miles
            Ground Clearance to Center Deck   2.25"
            Ground Clearance to Transaxle/Motor 1.63"
            Turning Radius 37"
            Batteries Type 2-12ah/2-18ah
            Colors Red,Blue
            Freewheel Mode Yes
            Electronic Speed Control Yes
            Electro-Mechanical Brakes Yes
            Charger Off Board
            Controller 45Amp
            Length 40.5"
            Width 21.5"
            Height (ground to top of back of seat) 34.75" - 36.75"
            Height (ground to top of back of headrest) N/A
            Ground to Top of Seat 22" - 24"
            Ground to Top of Deck 4.125"
            Deck to Top of Seat 17.25" - 19.25"
            Number of Seat Height Positions 4
            Size of Increments 1"
            Front Axle to Rear Axle 30"
            Weight of Unit: (assembled) 102 lbs
            Front Half 33 lbs
            Rear Half 25 lbs
            Base N/A
            Seat w/Arms 21 lbs
            Batteries 21 lbs/pack
            Tires: solid
            Front 8"
            Rear 8"
            Casters N/A
            Rear Anti-tippers 2"
            Standard Seat: Stadium Style
            Slide Seat N/A
            Back Height- no headrest 16"
            Back Height- with headrest N/A
            Width x Depth 17" X 16"
            Color Black Vinyl
            Seat Options:  
            Pneumatic Rise Seat Option N/A
            Eletric Rise Seat Option N/A
            Footrest: N/A
            Height adjustable N/A
            Angle Adjustable N/A
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